Full Mouth Rehabilitation in Pune

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Pune

A healthy and bright smile says a lot about your overall health. Unfortunately, unlike other parts of our body, our teeth do not have the capacity to repair themselves. It is inevitable that overtime our teeth’s structure and function deteriorate. This deterioration impacts the vertical dimensions of your face, resulting in a collapsed and aged appearance. When patients present with significant deterioration or are looking to significantly improve the aesthetics of their smile a dentist may speak with you about considering a full mouth reconstruction.

Co-ordinated treatment plan approach

A Full mouth Reconstruction in Pune is a complex process. This form of treatment is only offered after all other restorative options have been considered. If a full mouth reconstruction has been recognised as the best course of action then a coordinated treatment plan is developed to gradually restore the aesthetics of your teeth and face, producing a younger and healthier appearance. At FDOC Multispeciality Dental Chains, we develop individualised treatment plans based on your specific circumstances. We strive to give you back the confidence you desire by providing exceptional dental work in a professional manner.

We work with you to achieve the best results that you desire

Should there be any concerns or if there is simply something that you are unsure of, we welcome that you ask as much questions as you need before making a decision. We will explain everything to you step by step as we work towards your dream smile.


A Full Mouth Reconstruction in Pune is not an inexpensive procedure, however for many patients the confidence to smile again, consume foods without pain or discomfort and the overall improved aesthetics of your teeth and facial structure far outweigh the financial cost.

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