Who can have dental implants?

Mostly Dental implants procedure is useful for those who have general health and healthy gums. This procedure is not useful for under-18’s due to underlying bones still growing. You may also find that smoking, radiotherapy to your jaw area, diabetes which isn’t well controlled and gum disease are factors that may prevent you from having dental implants.

As we see that patients come to our clinic each case is different from others, our consulting dentist is well experienced in implant dentistry they will find out the best solution can work for your teeth.


Choosing the right dentist

When you decide to do dental implants. An implant is a long-lasting solution that boosts your confidence. As the dental implant is a costly procedure and patient to be sure that they will get the best implant treatment.

So, it is important first to choose the best dentist who gives you the best dental implant treatment and gives you a happy smile. When patients come to our clinic we tell them if you have any questions please ask our specialist he will clear your all doubts.

Patients will want to ensure that they will get the best and comfortable treatment. Our dentist gives you the best dental implant treatment results.


Looking after your implants

Good oral hygiene is a key part of making sure your dental implants last as long as possible. But the patient wants to take care of teeth when they have implants. Our dental implant dentist will also support aftercare, recommending any specific flosses or interdental toothbrushes that may help you care for your implants.

Every mouth is unique – to find out if dental implants are the right option for you, contact our friendly and professional team on 9822522560 for a consultation.