What Causes Bad Breath?

When patients come to our FDOC- Multispeciality Dental Chains they always ask our dentist that what is the cause of bad breath. Bad breath causes know one comes near you. So, peoples think that you have improper oral health and you can’t take proper care of your teeth. And it causes your bad impression on others. That why oral health is really important nowadays.

So, what is the reason for bad breath is frequently asked a question. Its main Reason is the food you eat in daily life.

Causes of Bad Breath

Here are some more reasons for bad breath:

1. The food we have in daily life:

When we have food in daily life some particles of food are stay in our teeth cause bacteria in the mouth also food with strong scents such as garlic and onions also cause bad breath in the mouth. 

 To avoid such bad breath, clean your teeth twice a day by doing brushing. Also, clean your tongue by bruising or use tongue scraper that will help to remove bacteria in our mouth.


2. Dry Mouth

This is also one of the most important reasons for bad breath. If you have a lack of saliva in the mouth then also have bad breath in the mouth. Saliva helps us to rinse out food particles from our mouth, so if you have dry mouth, then the food particles are hanging out in mouth for a long time. It also causes mouth infection.

The best way to remedy dry mouth is to drink water to moisture in the mouth.


3. Oral Infections:

If you are doing brushing and flossing every day still you have bad breath then it may be due to oral infections. 

The best way to remedy this cause visit you are the nearest dentist and consult with them, they will give you the best solution to this problem.


4. ill-fitting dentures

We love to have food, but if you have a denture and that will not fit well then its have too much space for food to hang out after eating food. Getting your dentures to keep adjusted where food particles are kept handing out. If you can’t adjust denture then it always causes bad breath in your mouth.


5. Chewing Tobacco Causes Bad Breath:

Tobacco Chewing and smoking cigarettes always cause bad breath and also many other oral and health issues. 

It's better to avoid this product for health and fresh mouth. Keeping you healthy is our first priority, our Dentist is always ready to take care of your dental health. If you wonder what is causing your bad breath, request an appointment with our dentist, schedule an appointment today!