Cosmetic Dentistry in Pune

Smile designing in Pune


Cosmetic dentistry in Pune is the art and science of enhancing a smile utilising the most modern techniques, dental expertise and state of the art technology. Not everyone is born with perfectly straight or white teeth, and this is where cosmetic dentistry can make a significant difference to someone's appearance and subsequently their confidence. Cosmetic dentistry is available to everyone and as experts in our field, our dentists at FDOC Dental Clinic are well placed to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.


At our award-winning dental practice in Pune, we at FDOC Clinic strongly believe in using the least invasive techniques to produce beautiful smiles. Why is this so important? The answer is simple; teeth are precious and should be kept for life. Minimal intervention allows the underlying teeth to be maintained so that the final results are natural, long lasting and highly aesthetic.

Why destroy healthy teeth when we can enhance what is already provided by Mother Nature. This is the future of not only cosmetic dentistry, but also general dentistry and we are leading advocates of minimal intervention.


Cosmetic dentistry can be as simple as teeth whitening to whiten and brighten your smile. We have developed whitening techniques which are guaranteed to make you smile and last a life time!

For a stunning new smile, nothing can compare to our Smile Transformation. We can re create virtually any smile and completely transform your appearance. If you are unhappy with your overall smile line, suffer from a gummy smile or have undergone extensive dentistry in the past, this is for you.

Minor imperfections in symmetry, shape, size and gum levels can easily be corrected with cosmetic bonding and gum contouring. We use the finest materials which are life like, natural and high in strength. The use of lasers has revolutionised the treatment of gum imperfections with gentle contouring of uneven gum levels to achieve symmetry.

We believe in metal free products and use only the finest porcelain veneers and all ceramic crowns. These are completely life like and in appearance and the durability compares with natural teeth. There is no need for metal when cosmetic dentistry is involved.

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