Best Orthodontist in Pune

Best Orthodontist in Pune

The choice of orthodontic appliances available today, including invisible braces, has meant more and more adults are opting for treatment for cosmetic reasons.

Some of the more common reasons adults come to us for treatment include:

  • To improve the appearance of the teeth and face
  • To correct teeth which have crowded with age or have started to drift
  • To move teeth prior to crown, bridgework or implant work
  • To improve the health of the teeth and gums
  • To make it easier to eat


At FDOC Multispeciality Dental Chains, we recommend our patients come in for a consultation so we can assess your individual treatment needs and whether or not you can benefit from orthodontics.

Our orthodontist will then analyse the information and inform you of all your treatment options and the costs involved.

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